From Idea to MVP – User Story Mapping and Hypothesis Driven Development Workshop


Many development teams get into a “build trap”, building feature after feature rather than testing the most risky assumptions in their products. Are you building a new product/website/service from scratch and struggling to define your your most important assumptions, experiments and your first version? How to test the value of new feature ideas before actually building them? Rather than traditional project planning, which can take months, would you like to define your next product version (MVP)  in less than a day?

  • Understand the main assumptions in your product
  • Get to know the possibilities of rapid user testing your MVP
  • Learn, how to collaboratively define a minimal hypothesis-driven product backlog
  • Gain hands-on practice with user story mapping
  • 10 tips for effective, visual user story maps
  • Create experiments for each of your hypothesis
  • Learn how to prioritise your first backlog
  • Practice, how to keep track of the up-to-date status of your development
  • What is an MVP?
  • Why build it – Let’s define your vision
  • Who will want it – Let’s create your User and Customer Personas
  • Why would they buy? – Let’s define your value proposition
  • How they would get their job done? – User journeys
  • Storytelling of user needs – User jobs and user hypothesis stories
  • Collective User story brainstorming
  • Keeping it visual – user story maps
  • What do you want to learn ? – The minimum hypothesis
  • What’s the minimum we should build to learn? – Your MVE Minimum Viable Experiment
  • Prioritising your first backlog – value, estimation, releases
  • Keeping track of it all – status tracking on user story maps and KANBAN boards

Who want to build products that customers will love

  • Product Manager
  • Agile Teams
  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneur
  • Develop Managers

Public workshop or in-house workshop on request

600 GBP (+VAT) per participant – 1 day

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