Data analytics and Metrics for Product Owners including tools


Many agile, digital teams are strong at building their product increments in iterations, but much fewer of them actually measure user feedback continuously on their product. This workshop focuses on the Measure-Learn aspects of Lean startup: identifying what metrics are relevant for your product right now, defining product KPIs, understanding how to use funnel analytics and how to make decisions based on actionable metrics in your daily work. You don’t need to be a data analyst or statistician to attend this workshop but certainly you will learn how to collaborate with data and growth specialists comfortably.

  • Learn what metrics are relevant for your business model
  • Gain practice defining and using your user conversion funnel
  • Learn what is the difference between vanity and actionable metrics
  • Define your Growth Metrics using Dave McLure’s AARRR metrics
  • Create product KPIs and link them to your roadmap
  • Learn key strategies from growth hackers
  • Practice how to prioritise your product backlog using metrics-based value
  • Learn how to tie in Measure-Learn into your agile development sprints

What is your business model?
Lean Analytics (Alistair Croll’s) matching your business model
What is the user conversion funnel and why is it useful?
How to get away from vanity metrics
What are actionable funnel metrics (AARRR model)
How to define your Product KPIs
Connecting your roadmap to Product KPIs and metrics
How to prioritise your backlog using your KPIs and roadmap metrics
Beyond value: measuring Cost of delay
Avoid the Build Trap: hypothesis driven roadmap and backlog
Build-Measure-Learn: how to make sure you have the full cycle
Bonus: practical lessons from growth hackers

  • Product managers, strategy managers, innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, managers

Public workshop or in-house workshop on request.

800 GBP (+VAT) per participant for 1-day workshop

Interested? Great!  Get in touch below or send us an e-mail at hello(at) today. We get back to you as soon as possible.

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