Agile Leadership for Digital Transformation Leaders (M3.0)


Have you ever wondered, how could you be more innovative in your company and create teams that gel naturally? How does your role as a manager change in an agile environment? What are the latest practices of goal-setting, delegation, motivation and metrics and performance management in the workplace?

The workshop is based on the Management 3.0 Workout book by Jurgen Appelo (INC. magazine Top #40 Management Expert). The practices in the book and workshop build on the ideas, experiences from 30+ companies like Spotify, Buffer, Google, GE and Xerox. Since 2014, the workshop has toured the world, has been to 30+ cities.Check out this video of the Management 3.0 Workout 2nd July, 2014 in London.


  • Understand critical leadership skills as an agile Manager
  • Practice how to make your decisions transparent with stakeholders
  • Learn stakeholder profiling and to understand intrinsic motivations
  • Practice Agile facilitation via simulated meetings
  • Learn about experiment design and visual management
  • The soft skills: creating a  feedback and thank you culture

We will be prioritising topics at the beginning of the day and covering as many as possible – probably 5 of them – of below:

  • Intro: Product Owner/Manager as a facilitator, communicator and agile leader.
  • The role and skills of an agile Product Owner/Manager
  • Learn to use Delegation Boards to clearly communicate which key decisions areas are delegated to participants, and at which level. Especially applicable for decision-making around roadmap and product backlog prioritisation decisions
  • Try out the Champfrogs Checklist for intrinsic motivation, and evaluate how this can be applied to motivating your own team.
  • Practice making Personal Maps and having Improvement Dialogues that will help build stakeholder management skills so critical for leaders
  • There is a Kudo Box to get people to appreciate each other’s contributions, saying thank you for effort rather than only achievements.
  • We will use the Celebration Grid to define and to evaluate the experiments.
  • We discuss and explore goal-setting and measuring progress towards operational goals with the Metrics Ecosystem (Google OKRs Objectives and Key Results). Is this the new performance management?
  • We will evaluate a product or service with a Feedback Wrap. – See more information on the workouts here.

Mid-managers, Line managers, agile coaches, change agents, entrepreneurs, product managers, product owners

Public workshop or in-house workshop on request.

Check respective public event or enquire for an in-house event.

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